What are Trust Credits (TCR)Socin TCR

These are points awarded to members for various actions on the Socin platform. These points are displayed on the loan requests to help lenders make better decisions about giving loans.

How to Earn Credits

Credits are awarded as acknowledgement that you have done something positive on our website. For instance, verifying your identity will earn you 20 credits. Actually, if you do it within 72 hours after registration, you will earn 50 credits – 30 extra credits! You will get notifications when your TCR balance grows.

You can Lose Credits

Yeah, when you do something that is deemed negative, you will lose credits. For instance, if you are late paying a loan installment, some TCR will be deducted from your balance.


There are 6 levels in the TCR journey.

Newbie =>Rookie=>Beginner=>Intermediate=>Skilled=>Experienced

Once you reach the 3rd level, you will be classified as a trustee borrower. Lenders are required to assign at least 50% of their insured loans to trustee borrowers. So there is a huge benefit of having a huge TCR balance.

To earn the maximum points, read every article, every FAQ and all the terms of service. You must also participate in the affiliate program.

Typical Ways to Earn/Lose TCR

Action Credits Earned Credits Lost
Logging in (per day) [Regular] 1 TCR (max 3 per week) 0 TCR
Immediate Identity verification (72 hours)[Once] 50 TCR 0 TCR
Late identity verification [Once] 20 TCR 0 TCR
Wrong identity verification [Regular] 0 TCR 10 TCR
Spamming lenders without a live request [Regular] 0 TCR 5 TCR
Buying insurance [Once] 100 TCR 0 TCR
Buying insurance immediately after signup [Once] 150 TCR 0 TCR
Posting a loan request (max 10 per week) [Regular] 10TCR 0 TCR
Posting a quality loan request (additional) [Regular] 10  TCR 0 TCR
Posting poor loan request (deleted) [Regular] 0 TCR 5 TCR
posting more than 1 live loan request [Regular] 0 TCR 5 TCR
selecting premium features without paying [Regular] 0 TCR 10 TCR
Paying Loan installment on time [Regular] 10 TCR 0 TCR
Clearing an entire loan on time [Regular] 100 TCR 0 TCR
Clearing loan late [Regular] 50 TCR 0 TCR
Paying Loan installment late [Regular] 0 TCR 5 TCR
Defaulting on loan (if insurance kicks in) [Regular] 0 TCR 500 TCR
Earning a new affiliate rank [Regular] 50TCR 0 TCR

The list will be updated from time to time (when new ways to earn credits are added or when we change the number that can be earned)