Before we venture further into the depths of making money as our affiliate, let us clear the air on what is expected of you. Your duty is just to spark a little interest in people so that they visit our site at least once. So do not exhaust yourself persuading or forcing them to join. The system handles the bulk of the work once interested people visit the website. You can get full details about this here.

Goal – earning up to $1000 monthly

The Socin affiliate program gives any member the chance to make $500-$1000 within the first 30 days of joining. Although it is easy to hit these figures, you must take the right steps to help you reach your goal. In this article, we will outline a simple action plan that you can follow. You can also create your own plan based on what you learn from this article depending on the commission you would like to earn.

Target – reach 1000 peopleSocin affiliate action plan

You should aim to reach one thousand prospective borrowers who will create free accounts at Socin. This will ensure that every month a small segment (8-10%) of the one thousand people will take loans and you will hit your commission target effortlessly.

Level of difficulty – medium

Promoting many affiliate programs is usually difficult because you have to find people willing and able to spend money buying a product or service in order for you to make money. Promoting the Socin affiliate program is quite easy since you are looking for people who need money and they get the product free. Once you know what needs to be done, everything else falls into place.

Getting Started – first 30 days

For the first 30 days, you should commit yourself to share your affiliate link or content from this website on 3 different channels every day. After the month is over, you can scale down to the occasional share maybe once a week or twice a month.

Since new loan requests are posted every day, it should not be hard to find fresh content to share every day. We also publish articles, additional FAQs and other content from time to time, all of which you can include in your action plan. Refer to this article to find out how best to share content that converts

Best channels to use

You can use several channels to spread word about Socin. You are probably thinking about Facebook and Twitter, but these are not the only options.


One good way to share your link and spark instant interest is by answering questions on Quora. You can look for questions related to finance, peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, business startups, affiliate marketing and answer them with information relevant to then leave your affiliate link as a reference. Remember, you can turn any page or post to an affiliate link using the link generator.


The good thing about Facebook is that it offers many sub channels where you can spread your affiliate link reaching general or specific audiences. You can start with your own profile where you can reach friends. You can also share content in relevant groups such as those focused on sharing business ideas, making money online, alternative finance, affiliate marketing among other relevant fields.  The good thing about groups is that people are already interested in specific topics. So, when you post new information about these topics, you can be assured some will visit the Socin.

The most important thing to avoid when you use Facebook is spamming people or repeating the same information over and over.


If you have a decent number of followers, sharing content from Socin on Twitter is a good idea. Unfortunately, tweets have a very short lifespan so you might not get very good results unless you choose the right strategy. One way to ensure your effort is not wasted, is by taking advantage of trending topics. Twitter trends change every day or every hour. Just find one that is remotely related to any aspect of the business we do at Socin and sneak in your tweet and link. Your link will be found by many even if your number of followers is low.

Don’t forget to include at least one of these hash tags #SocinOrg #SocinLoans #SocinAffiliate or #SocinPeerLeding in your tweets.

If you are not sure how to add your link to a trending topic, you can message us on Facebook for assistance


If you already have several names in your contact list, you should not waste this chance. Send them a short email listing the benefits you have discovered about using and include your link, just in case they decide to investigate further.  You can also send any content from this website directly using the email social share button.


It is one of the most powerful marketing channels, which you can use to spread information about Socin and get visits to your affiliate link. Just like Facebook, Reddit is organized into several sub communities with focus on different topics. If it is the first time you are joining reddit, you should first try to establish which subreddits will be suitable for the content you want to be sharing. You also need to find those that have active participants to ensure shared content generates visits.


The listed channels are just the 5 that we normally use so you are not restricted from using others which you prefer. For instance, if you can write articles, there are several article directories and blogging channels, which you can use to leave permanent links that will generate visits for years.

We hope this information will help you take the first step in your journey of earning serious returns from affiliate marketing.

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