Socin is a peer-to-peer lending platform connecting individual borrowers with individual or institutional lenders. We provide a loan directory where anyone can list a loan request. lenders respond with quotes allowing the borrower to choose the best deal. Lenders send money directly to borrowers and also collect repayment directly. By eliminating deposits to the platform, it is possible to accept members from all over the world.

Socinorg loan cycle
Duties of each distinct group participating in the Socin Loan Cycle

List of services

  1. Provision of a loan directory where borrowers can list loan requests and lenders can find loans to fund
  2. Provision of insurance cover to lenders who need it
  3. Administrative services such as loan follow up and record keeping
  4. Verifying identities of all members
  5. Provision of a special rating system that tracks borrower actions recognizing the best borrowers
  6. Provision of a public rating system for borrowers and lenders to rate each other
  7. Market loan requests to audiences worldwide
  8. An affiliate program that pays members for introducing other people who take loans
  9. Sponvertising  – a special form of advertising that can help any business reach many people without incurring costs

How to Join

It is free to join Socin, one just needs to visit the registration page and create a username. All new members must verify their identities before they are allowed to login. After logging in, one can post loan requests or submit funding proposals immediately.

Members also have freedom to borrow and lend locally or internationally. Various forms of security are also accepted to secure the money provided by lenders. In local transactions, the borrower and lender can sign a legally enforceable agreement, or the borrower can provide collateral. In international transactions, borrowers can buy insurance to secure the loan or ask the lender to rely on the reputation a borrower has built.  Lenders can gauge a borrower’s reputation by checking the number of trust credits the borrower has accumulated on this platform.

Neighbors can easily help each other


Socin Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is probably the best in the world. We say it is the best because of three reasons;

  1. Both the member and the people the member invites do not pay anything
  2. We offer lifetime commission – every time the person you invite takes a loan you get paid
  3. You get 10% of all the loan sourcing fees that we charge

In addition, if you join and promote the program today, you will not only make money regularly but, you will also be helping other people achieve their goals. It is also very easy to promote the program because the people who join do not have to pay anything or take a loan immediately for you to be paid. The system connects these new members to you so that you can earn commission even if the member takes a loan years later.

Socin Insurance

We offer optional insurance coverage for loans where both parties (borrower and lender) prefer such coverage. The insurance coverage available allows people in different geographical locations to enter into loan agreements safely. We provide covers of up to $22,800 to new members. The insurance works be multiplying a small amount paid by the borrower by a specified number to arrive at the total amount to be compensated to the lender in case the borrower fails to honor the loan agreement.

Calculating insurance Cover

If a borrower wants his/her requests covered by insurance immediately, he/she can do so by paying an amount of money that will be set as insurance for his/her account. We multiply the amount paid by 24 to arrive at the total insurance cover the borrower has.  New members can pay up to $950 generating a total  coverage worth $22,800

Example: If the borrower pays $50, the insurance amount shown on his/her account will be $1,200.

It is up to the borrower to decide whether to purchase insurance or not. Visit the Finances section to set insurance

Socin Trust Credits

We provide a unique system that converts ordinary actions by borrowers on the website to positive or negative credits that can be used by lenders when making decisions whether to fund loans or not. Actions which earn credits range from the simplest such as logging in, to the more serious ones such as paying insurance or verifying identity. Members are notified every time they earn or lose credits. You can learn all about trust credits here.

You can visit the FAQ section to find answers for specific questions you might have about the service. In case, you do not get the answers you want, you can always reach our support team by sending an email to