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Make up to $200 from every loan a member you introduce gets through the Socin Affiliate Program

When you sign up for the Socin Affiliate Program, we’ll give you a special link to that you can share through an ad, a tweet, on your blog, Facebook post – or any other way that you choose! You’ll earn commission every time the customer you introduce gets a loan through this platform.

The social sharing buttons on this website are also linked with the program, so every time you share an article, a loan request, a video (from this site) on any social network, you are exposing your affiliate link and therefore any registration originating from the content you have shared will be added to your referrals.

Your commission is 0.4% of every loan the customer takes. This means you will make an easy $200 when someone takes a $50,000 loan! Since the commission is given on a lifetime basis, even smaller loans will add up to substantial amounts over time. You can recruit as many people as you like.


  1. Affiliate commissions for each month are paid on or before 15th of the next month
  2. Payments are made through PayPal and Payza
  3. Payments are made if the affiliate has accumulated $50 or more
  4. You must have verify your identity to receive affiliate commission earned

Top Affiliates

If your profile is not appearing here yet, try to share more content from this website on any of your favorite channels. You will soon be a top affiliate. Affiliates must register for accounts.