I need a reputation loan of 300 $ for 1 month to repay with 20% interest.
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    8th June 2017 11:45 AM

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Hello wonderful people, my names are Kiwanda Emmanuel and I am based in Uganda, East Africa. I am a seasoned trader of forex and bitcoin and looking for someone to invest in my business. Bitcoins are sold locally here in Uganda at way higher price than on the international exchanges. i aim to take advantage of that arbitrage. And as working capital grows, I will venture into mining because I have access to free electricity here in Uganda. So I need funders and I hope to get them from here on Socin.
I am therefore, applying for a reputation loan of 300$ for a period of 1 month tops at an interest of 20% to re-finance my forex trading account and get good TCR here on Socin.
I am consistently profitable and been so since January 2015 when I went live. I hope to pay back b-weekly principle plus interest.
I prefer to transact using skrill, bank wire transfers, western union and most importantly bitcoins. Bitcoins are the most efficient way to transfer money in Africa right now.

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