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My Names is Charles Metet, 38 years Iam the first born out 6 boys living in Bomet County (county where I was raised by a humble family). I went to school in Chilgotwet primary, joined Kabungut High school where I completed my fourth form in the year 1995 and joined SHINERS INSTITUTE OF PROFESIONAL STUDIES College in 2015-2016 after managing to save some money for the college from small business that I did and successfully completed my diploma course, I later got attached at Stegro Sacco in Nairobi. The life in Nairobi was challenging since transport cost is very high and also the cost of rent is so high for a person whose salary is meager but I worked hard and saved just enough to start my own business of egg supply. I took inspiration from other suppliers after I noticed that eggs are selling like hot cakes in almost every town in Bomet county. I’d always fancied running my own business so after spotting this opportunity, it was a case of now or never. Having worked in this type of business for almost one year now, my knowledge of the market mean I can capitalize on the growing trend towards the love of boiled eggs.
I am a wholesale egg supplier based in Silibwet town in Bomet County. Most of my customers are retail shops, hotels and restaurants in major towns of Bomet and boiled eggs vendors who sells to bodaboda riders who make the majority of clients. I would therefore request the lenders to grant me a $ 5,000 loan to enable me expand the business by buying the eggs in large quantities from Uganda at a cheaper price of $ 2.2 per tray compared to the current price of $3.0 per tray in Kenya so that I can make good profit and also so as to enable me be a constant supplier who can be trusted and relied by my clients.
I am looking forward to source more eggs from Uganda at a cheaper price to cater for expanding clients of eggs. Having run and managed the business for quite some time now, I wish to seek your business funding support in form of a loan in order to achieve my dream. It has always been my dream to expand my business. I need an amount of US$ 5,000 to make a standing order of 2,200 trays of eggs at a cost of $ 2.2/tray as follows:
2,200 trays at a costs $2.2 per tray = $4,840
Transport to Bomet from Uganda Border = $200
TOTAL= $5,040
This would help expand my business infrastructure so that more boiled egg vendors will access these raw materials easily and so that it can be available 24/7. It will also enable me earn more profit than current earnings. I will ensure prompt repayment of the loan when given. I hope and believe that you will find in your heart to consider supporting me.
Charles Metet

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