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Am looking for a strategic investor to provide a loan for my farming project. My family has a big farm in Laikipia east, where I have been keeping a few animals mostly as a hobby. Now I have plans to commercialize the venture.

The money I am seeking will be for buying dairy cows. To keep costs low I will be stocking mixed breeds (crossbreeds between local and exotic breeds) which cost around $400 to $500 each. Any amount between $1,500 and $5,000 will be okay because the business is scalable (I can buy less or more animals depending on the capital available)
Each cow is expected to produce 10 liters of milk per day (minimum) which translates to about $100 per month. Preferable loan terms would be I pay back 10% of the principle amount you have provided for 15 to 18 months. Your loan will generate a return of 50% to 80% profit by the time I repay the full amount under these terms.

I can work with local or international lenders. My account already has sufficient insurance to cover the money that will be provided by the lender. A local lender can also visit the farm where the animals will be kept.
Farm location –

01-May-2017 09:19:32
72 weeks
Interest: 4.4%
I will lend you $4000 to be repaid in 18 months. Sourcing fee to be deducted from the principle
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