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I am Yasir from Lahore, Punjab Pakistan. I have business of buying and selling used electronics such as phones, TVs etc. I normally look for people in urget need of cash who sell me items at low price then I look for buyers later on usually making 30 to 50% for every item sold. The reason I need loan is because sometimes I find more items to buy than the capital I can raise. In such cases I end up losing great opportunities since most of the people selling cant wait for to get cash. I need lender who can be providing the cash instantly when need arises.
Capital needed $1500
Interest rate less than 10% per month
Loans to be repaid within 3 months in per month installments
I welcome local, regional or international lenders. I can also take a lower amount first then later you can lend me more

03-Jun-2017 18:15:34
12 weeks
Interest: 10%
Hi, I see you are looking for a local connection. Am also looking for a local borrower for my first loan until i fee comfortable dealing with people from outside
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