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I am a seasoned Forex trader with a smaller account. My entire education came from Market Traders Institute; an incredibly reputable company for educating tens of thousands successful traders. Additional to my personal account that I trade on my own with, I have one more trading account that is linked to a copy trader that I was given with one of the education packages I purchased from Market Traders.
The funds in which I am requesting will go to the trading account linked to the MTI copy trader. I do absolutely nothing to this account. Your returns will be GUARANTEED. The analyst that is responsible for trading the copier has VERIFIABLE third party results. He has 15 straight months of positive trades. He averages 2,000 Pips most months. In 2016, he netted 38,000+ pips ($380,000 USD on standard lot).
To a lender with no knowledge of Forex, this may seem like a no brainier, and that the investment may be too risky. My response, although not quick and simple would be- Forex is one of the most lucrative investment vehicles out there. 5 trillion plus dollars are traded in the Forex Markets every day. It allows you to trade on margin, which means a small investment can turn into a substantial gain with knowledge and exceptional analysis. With the consistency of the MTI traders, and a larger account size, this loan is a home run.
My goal is to eventually become a full time trader. I am a business owner. Between the amount of time it takes up and the minimal funds I have to trade my own account, this loan is unavoidable. I have put my heart and soul into trading the last few years, spending 12+ hours some day learning (mostly during my off season) but it has become obvious that without any financial help, making my dream into a reality may not be possible without outside funds.
I am requesting $50,000 for a period of 24 months. I am flexible on the monthly payments. I am open to signing any legal document necessary to allow you the lender to be at ease for the life of the loan
I will be attaching one years plus worth of third party verified results by the trader gives them permission to pull real data from their trading accounts for others to be able to see. I am willing to provide any other additional information the lender will need in order to feel confident in their investment. You will find attached all of 2016s results along with results from 02/14/17 through present (dated only from February because this is when trade copier began)

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