$1500 Payday loan not exceeding 10% Interest
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Loan Request closed after being funded for: 1,500.00$
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Looking for a payday loan to be repaid at the end of the month. Will come from my salary. I have already covered my account with Socin insurance and I can sign an agreement is the lender is local.
Amount sought: $1500
Interest: 10% max
Repayment in a lump sum
Transaction through online payment wallets – I prefer PayPal
Thank you in advance

06-May-2017 22:54:46
5 weeks
Interest: 7%
Willing to lend under the terms specified. Sourcing fee will be deducted from the principle
05-May-2017 15:13:47
4 weeks
Interest: 8%
I will offer you an interest rate of 8%. Sourcing fee to be deducted from the principle
02-May-2017 11:17:05
4 weeks
Interest: 10%
I will lend you the amount you need at 10%
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