$300 for Easter Expenses Featured Loan Request
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Loan Request closed after being funded for: 320.00$
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Easter is almost here and i don’t have enough cash. I need

$300 via PayPal or Skrill to be repaid by end month in one installment
Maximum interest rate 8%

11-Apr-2017 20:15:28
4 weeks
Interest: 6%
We can transact through PayPal. The sourcing fee charged here will be deducted from the amount i send you.
11-Apr-2017 19:03:14
3 weeks
Interest: 7%
I will provide the loan and collect via PayPal. Sourcing fee will be added to the total amount and interest charged on the total.
11-Apr-2017 18:45:11
3 weeks
Interest: 8%
I can fund you immediately and give you 3 weeks to repay. Amount and interest as described.
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