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Reach the Right People in a Way That Matters

Dozens of people from all over the world visit our website every day. Since it is a peer-lending platform, most of the people visiting are either looking to invest or borrow money. We also get a few looking to earn money from affiliate programs.

We are looking for businesses that can benefit from more visits to their websites or more fans on social media. We hope to enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement – you get to post your promotion materials on our website (banners ads, image & text ads, articles) and we get a cash sponsorship. Any company that operates online can benefit greatly from this arrangement. Top on this list include:

  • Forex trading companies
  • Money transfer services
  • Business consultancy firms
  • Banks
  • Retail business
  • Hotels
  • Any business with a website

In the arrangement, you will be able to display your advertisements on our platform at no cost for as long as you like. In exchange, you will sponsor our service with any amount of money you feel comfortable. You can be any of these two types of sponsors:

A Direct Sponsor – you will create a lending profile and provide loans directly to members. This gives you the most advantages because you will include details about your business in your profile. You will also have one-on-one conversations with all interested borrowers. So you can always gauge who is remotely interested in your core business and use the chance to provide more information. You will also enjoy the other advertising perks like posting banner ads and articles.

Contributing Sponsor – you deposit money we will handle the disbursement and collection of loans to members. Since you will not have a profile to interact with members, you will only benefit from banners and articles.

All this might sound complicated but it’s actually very easy. About 80% percent of the people visiting our website do so in the hope of getting loans. By enlarging the pool of loan providers, it will create a ripple effect on the borrowers too as word spreads and more and more people want to get access the loans. This will give your business exposure to new people as well as the existing ones.

Why We Think You Should Join

Commitment Doesn’t Mean Spending – let’s say you decide to commit $1000 to this arrangement. You do not have to deposit the money with us or give it to borrowers immediately. Initially, you just make a small deposit of $50, create a lender profile, post your ads and interact with members as you evaluate the loan requests they have posted. So, you will enjoy the rewards before you toil. You can do this for up to 3 months before tying up your money in a loan.


Full Control Of Your Money– the way our loans work, the lender holds on to his/her money until there is a loan to fund. After funding the loan, repayments are made directly to the lender. The platform just serves as a follow up and reporting avenue. If you feel the arrangement is not meeting your advertising goals, you can stop at any time.


Zero Cost Advertising – the money you commit to this is like a deposit. You start with $1000, you will still have $1000 when you decide to evaluate the results of your promotion campaign. So whether you achieve your promotion goals or not, one thing you will still have is money unlike in other promotions where you lose money first before you realize whether it is not working.


Direct Contact with Target Audience – you will have a chance to talk to the people your marketing is targeting through a messaging feature provided on our platform. Actually, most of the people will contact you requesting you to check their loans immediately your profile is up. You can always inform them about the business that is providing the cash they are borrowing.


money is safeYour Money is Safe –  Giving loans through the internet might sound like a risky venture. However, borrowers here  contribute money to an insurance pot before they can get loans. This collective pot compensates the few lenders whose loans are not repaid.


Don’t just take our word, contact us to try this for 90 days. If you like it, you can adopt it as one of your long term marketing options. Send us an email at