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Need seed investor
  • Huge Loan (10,001$ - 50,000$)

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  • 27th June 2017

  • 566959

  • Insurance: 13,831.20$
I need a seed investor who can invest $15k-20k in a payment gateway app, i have a registered company, interested lenders/investors can message me to discuss terms and everything else. The project is planned to be launched in August so the funds ar
Need loan to continue development of project Featured Loan Request
  • Big Loan (3,501$ - 10,000$)

  • 0 proposals

  • 22nd April 2017

  • 9858730

  • Insurance: 13,831.20$
I need loan of $10,000 to continue development of the personal project. Im willing to pay 2-4% monthly or 20%+ yearly interest, I need a maximum time of 12 months. I would like to request lenders to send me private message so that i can send bank st
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