Every member of this platform is required to verify his or her identity once. Your account can only be activated after you verify your identity.  It is very easy to verify your identity. We only require one document to verify your identity but you have to follow the correct procedure.

The document could be your:

  • National ID
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport


Procedure (Both steps are required)

  1. Scan your document and save it in JPG, PNG or PDF format
  2.  Take a photo while holding the same identification document. Your face should be visible in the photo as well as the details of the ID.
Sample: Scanned ID
idenitity verification at Socin
Sample: Holding ID for Verification

We review these documents within 3-5 working days and mark your account as verified. Once verified, you will be able to post requests or fund loans immediately.

Before you send us the scan and photo, check whether the details are readable. If they are not, don’t waste time sending the files which will only be rejected.

Why its important to stick to the procedure

We have seen people create their own variations of the verification procedure but we would urge you to stick to what we have specified.  These are the reasons why

  1. Submitting other documents means no verification
  2. We award you trust credits when you submit documents correctly (20-50 TCR)
  3. We deduct trust credits every time you deviate from the procedure (10 TCR)

Verify Identity