Every day we receive dozens of loan requests which we publish on our platform for lenders to fund. A huge percentage of these requests never attract any attention from potential lenders because of various reasons, most of which are easy to fix if the borrower is interested.


Non-verified identity

Although it’s very easy and free to verify your identity, most borrowers still let the unverified tag appear next to their loan requests. Although we leave identity verification  optional, most lenders will not consider a loan request from an unverified account when looking for loans to fund. Boost your chances now by getting verified.

Scanty details

So you want an undisclosed amount of money to solve an undisclosed personal problem and you will repay at an undisclosed time? Well, good luck finding someone to give you the money you need. The loans that have been funded declared the exact amount needed, when the borrower planned to repay the money and other details to prove that the request is a serious one.

No Insurance

Our insurance is optional but it’s the only tangible collateral the lender will have for the money loaned to you. In addition to that, having insurance helps strengthen some of the information you provide. For example,  you need $10,000 to boost a business that is already generating good profit. Why would a lender believe you if you cannot afford even $10 to set the minimum insurance for your account? Even worse, why would the lender trust you with his/her money if you can’t trust yours with anyone else.

Low Trust Credits (TCR)

If you have a very low number of trust credits, then lenders are less likely to trust you. A good TCR level to start with is around 200. It’s readily achievable from day 1. Anything below that indicates a less than serious borrower.  You can learn all about TCR here

No Show

How often do you check your account for messages from potential lenders? If it takes a week to answer a message from potential lenders, then you are  giving them every reason to overlook your request. If you have not created a forum account yet, you are also diminishing your chances of getting funding because that is where lenders discuss openly what they are looking for.

Remember, this platform is member driven. Lenders are individuals just like you. What would you like to see in a loan request if you were funding people?

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  1. I am a student of university of uyo,uyo. akwa ibom state Nigeria. i need a loan to finish up my studies